Baby, it’s cold outside! As the winter weather draws near, there is nothing more delightful than retreating to a warm and inviting home! Instead of letting the cold weather get you down, take the time to turn your space into a cozy escape from the outdoors. Here are some tips to turn your house from cold to cozy.

Bake Your Favorite Dessert

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing more comforting than something cozy, sweet and delicious straight from the oven! Whether you swoon over brownies or go nuts over toasted pecans, winter desserts are key elements of the holiday season.

Simmer Holiday Wassail 

The best thing to have with your baked goods is a warm beverage to enjoy! Holiday Wassail not only tastes delicious but makes your home smell amazing as it simmers! The smell will fill your home with sweet, warm scents, and you will have a perfect drink to cuddle up with on the couch!

Light Some Candles

Lighting candles will add to your comfy atmosphere. They will give soft, ambient light and welcoming scents to every corner of your home.

Add Texture To Your Decor

The right decor can make your space even more inviting. Plush cushions and throws paired with the perfect cable-knit blankets will make you and your guests want to spend the weekends binge-watching from the couch.

Make A Winter Playlist

The final step to making your space cozy this season is making the perfect playlist to play in the background while you are snuggled in. Grab your holiday wassail + gingerbread cookies and enjoy the sounds of winter from the comfort of your cozy home!